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Utilizing the Latest Technology Available
In Order to Better Serve You

Reno Eye Institute is the only Ophthalmology practice in the state of Nevada that has the TopCon DRI OCT plus Triton - the latest in imaging technology.  The Triton provides Dr. Freeman the opportunity to see what many other machines can't detect which allows us to provide our patients with the very best care.

Topcon’s DRI OCT Triton Series offers everything needed for optimum ocular visualization and imaging.  Read more here about Imaging Precision at Its Finest.
Latest imaging technology at Reno Eye Institute
In addition to the latest and greatest in ocular visualization, Reno Eye Institute utilizes electronic medical records software, allowing our team to streamline the patient care process. That means you spend less time waiting and more time receiving the patient-focused care you deserve.
The system is entirely paperless, reducing our environmental impact and increasing our efficiency. The software includes a patient portal so that you may access your records as needed. The system utilizes the latest in online security, ensuring your records are kept safe and sound. 
Dr. Freeman is board certified
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